What's New

Seeq version R19 makes it easier to organize your projects, investigate and analyze time series data, and monitor processes in real time time.


Ease of Use

In R19 finding data, making selections within tools, and organizing work is faster and more intuitive.  


Document Folders and Pins

Easily organize Analyses and Topics into folders which can be shared among groups. Access control can also be set at the folder level to ensure you know exactly who has rights to view or edit documents. Users can pin their most commonly referenced documents and folders to quickly get back to the pages they use the most.

Improved Item Search

Finding commonly referenced signals and reusing conditions and calculations is now easier: R19 users have access to their most recently used series and conditions from the search panel and can pin items of particular importance to a workbook analysis. Also, the search box is expanded so users can perform a text search within a level of an asset tree.

Easier Item Selection Within Tools

Picking a series or condition to analyze from within any of tool panels is easier and takes advantage of all of our new search methods. Users have access to items currently displayed on the trend as well as recently used and pinned items.


Improved Analytical Tools

We have incorporated feedback from users and addressed scenarios which previously required the use of a Formula or multiple steps within a Tools panel. The result is improvments to Value Search, Signal from Conditions, and the addition of a Custom Condition panel to reduce the time it takes to explore and derive value from your data.

Signal from Condition

The ability to easily create KPIs and aggregations has been expanded to incorporate capsule and condition based statistics. Example new calculations include percent of time in a condition per week, or count of startup capsules per batch. Each of these aggregations can be plotted as their own live time series. In addition, users can specify the time aggregation units from within the tool to easily display the end result in their desired units of measure. For example, a calculation for average temperature rate of change over a batch can be displayed as either °C/hr or °C/min.

Value Search

Users can now create a condition from a simplified interface with improved options such as In Between two values and Outside two values. Recently used series and pinned series can also be selected without having to first add those signals into the details pane for faster access.

Custom Condition

Create and maintain a curated set of capsules from an existing condition. This new tool is perfect for keeping track of your best batches for use in future modeling, saving important capsules as a reference, or just clicking and dragging on the screen to create ad-hoc capsules. These new custom conditions can be referenced in any other Seeq Workbench analytical tool.



Monitoring of In Progress Conditions and Aggregations

All of your existing work and capsule based analysis is now ready for real time monitoring. No matter how complex or deeply nested the work you need to perform is, we have engineered our entire calculation engine to manage the inherent uncertainty of in-progress condition combinations. The trending interface has been redesigned to communicate the difference between possible in progress events and fully completed events.

In-Progress Conditions

Capsules which have a valid start condition and are still waiting to meet their end criteria will be shown as a capsule with a white bar through the center of them. These in-progress capsules can be used in monitoring scenarios to send alerts through a wide variety of 3rd party alarming packages.


In-Progress Series

The portions of a series which are dependent on an in-progress capsule are shown as dotted lines. This alerts the user that the values will continue to change as more data comes in until capsules meet their end criteria. These in progress calculations are perfect for tracking real-time daily performance relative to historical targets.




User Requested Features

It wouldn't be a successful release of Seeq without features inspired by feedback from our users across many industries. Seeq R19 delivers on many requests from our fantastic user base.

Duplicate calculated signals, conditions, histograms

From the item info panel you can quickly duplicate a calculation or condition with a single click. This will enable you to quickly branch an analysis or extend a calculation from one asset to another.


Cancel only your pending actions

From the general menu in the upper right corner users can cancel just their own long running tasks or calculations while leaving other user’s calculations alone. This may come in handy when iterating on complex calculations over long timespans or densely spaced data.

Set a timezone at a worksheet or user level

When changing the timezone in the trend you can now determine if that setting will be applied at a user or worksheet level. This should help distributed teams working across multiple timezones view data with the same time zone labels and communicate more effectively.


Detailed Activity and Performance Logging

Administrators will now have a more detailed look into all of the in progress and pending calculations which are taking place in Seeq Workbench. Administrators can see which users have long running calculations which can help with troubleshooting.

Full Asset Path in Details Pane

When viewing a signal in Seeq Workbench that is part of an asset hierarchy, the full asset path is now displayed in your details pane alongside the series name. This full asset path will give more context in situations where there are many similarly named assets. In addition, the asset path is a hyperlink which will open the item search to the relevant asset so you can quickly find other related signals.


Improved "Current" time and "Now" user experience

The “Now” button has been removed and split into two separate buttons which more clearly control the trend behavior. There is a button which will step the right side of your trend to the current time and there is a separate button which will set the trend into streaming mode. These two new buttons are found directly to the right of the trend duration label.




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