Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Visual Search enables us to search find important phases directly in the process data much more accurately and reliably than using data from the execution system. We can then quickly tie those phases to important quality and yield metrics and related independent variables. 

- Sr. Operations Manager, Major Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical companies continue to invest significant resources in the development of their pipelines, generating significant data assets in the process. Data assets often go un-utilized resulting in wasted resources and time. Learnings are difficult to capture and track long-term. Seeq enables the integration of myriad data sources for rapid investigation and insight to drive improved decision-making. With the Biotech Lab Module and the Pharma Engineering Module, developed in partnership with Alkemy Innovation, scientists can effectively access, analyze, and summarize non-continuous, batch-focused data for effective work processes and support workflow execution through analysis and reporting. Enhanced knowledge creation and management, streamlined cross-group access, and maximized use of existing data while sharing results. The Biotech Lab Module and Pharma Engineering Module provide scientists and engineers with:

  • Centralized location to overlay multiple experiments and/or multiple conditions from within an experiment
  • Automated file transfer from off-line instruments to eliminate cutting and pasting of various data files into spreadsheets
  • Easy batch definition with the ability to search by key metadata about the experiments
  • Automated templates to create standard data views and calculations for quick routine analysis, tied in with report generation


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