Wolfgang Weiss
Wolfgang Weiss
Sales Executive

At Seeq Wolfgang supports companies in the process industry in the digital transformation of their production processes by initiating and maintaining target-oriented business relationships. In doing so, it is important to him not only to present Seeq as a consistent list of features but to highlight the added value of the overall solution for each customer according to their business field, structure, challenges and business initiatives, as well as their existing IT and software landscape.

Wolfgang received his Diploma (Master) in Computer Science from the renowned University of Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) with a major in Artificial Intelligence / Neural Networks. He began his professional career as a research assistant and software developer at Bayer before taking on a business role. Since then, Wolfgang has worked for various innovative software companies, for which he initiated and maintained business relationships with companies in the process and life science industries. He has always been driven by the goal of supporting customers in using advanced mathematical methods, packaged in a modern software solution, for their research, development and production processes.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang has more than 10 years of experience in customer-facing roles. He knows the added value and markets of tools for the simulation of biological processes, the analysis of mass spectroscopy data, the storage of genome data, as well as for multivariate analysis and multivariate real-time monitoring of production processes.

Outside of work, Wolfgang enjoys pampering his little daughter and his wife, hiking or running in the woods, and meeting family and friends.