Valeriy Vislobokov
Valeriy Vislobokov
Systems Reliability Engineer

Valeriy improves and automates the software development workflow at Seeq.

Valeriy concentrates on looking for new ways to keeping the Seeq ecosystem running as consistently as possible.

He got his start as a jack-of-all-trades in Information Technology, working for various technology companies, including a military drone R&D company. Eventually, his love for infrastructure automation (and the inevitable robot revolution it will bring) led him into the fantastic world of supporting Software Engineers. Before starting at Seeq, Valeriy was doing just such work at a company developing a SaaS for mass texting and helping to introduce the DevOps culture to the team.

Valeriy is a native of Kyiv, Ukraine, but spent most of his life in the Washington, DC area, where he resides today. Valeriy loves to travel, including returning to Ukraine to visit family, and to perform all the requisite time zone math that’s needed for working with his colleagues at Seeq.