Steve Sliwa
Steve Sliwa
CEO & Founder

Steve leads our customer focused, lean start-up that is changing the way industry uses industrial process data.  He and Brian Parsonnet started working on the predecessor to Seeq in stealth mode in 2012.

Sliwa was CEO of Insitu, Inc. from 2002 through early 2011. During that time Insitu grew from 4 employees to 800+ employees and $450M in revenue. Insitu is a developer of miniature robotic airplanes or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for military and civilian applications. During Sliwa’s tenure, Insitu maintained a 90% market share within its niche with customers and operations throughout the world. Insitu provides UAVs and support equipment but also executes a thriving business model delivering intelligence through turn-key solutions.

Prior to Insitu Sliwa had a varied career that included serving as research manager at NASA, founder of an educational software company, VP of Product Development for a public Silicon Valley engineering-software company, and President of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Many of the founding partners at Seeq were with him in previous roles.

Dr. Sliwa has engineering degrees from Princeton, George Washington, and Stanford and a business degree from Stanford. He resides in Genoa, NV and Fountain Hills, AZ with his wife Nancy and they enjoy flying their Cirrus Vision Jet.