Sharlinda Salim
Sharlinda Salim
Senior Analytics Engineer

Sharlinda is keen to collaborate with Seeq’s customers towards achieving operational and process excellence.

Sharlinda started her career in the chemical industry with Schaefer Kalk as a Process Engineer in 2008. Her main focused was to optimise processes accordingly in order to meet the constant increase of product demand. She used time series data mainly to monitor and test the robustness of the process control system.
She then joined First Solar as an Integration engineer where she utilized JMP to analyze time series data. Her main scope of work was to correlate solar panels' electrical qualities to the key process data from upstream to finishing. She and her team ensured that all the shippable solar panels met specific targets with minimal standard deviations across eight manufacturing sites in Malaysia and US.
Sharlinda holds a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering (Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2008), Master degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2013) and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering (The University of Manchester, University of Leeds, UK, 2017). She majored in the crystallization process of organic molecules, which is applicable in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
She currently resides in Puchong, Malaysia with her sisters. She loves animals, outdoor activities that are close to nature, traveling and photography. She is aiming to take a scuba diving course and join the ocean clean-up activities.