Prithvi Vijayamohan
Prithvi Vijayamohan
Analytics Engineer

Prithvi (Pri) joins us after completing graduate school for a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Prithvi completed her undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering from India and moved to the US for an M.S. in Chemical Engineering. After obtaining her M.S., she worked as a Process Engineer focusing on projects in the refining and the petrochemical areas at GTC Technology.

She moved to Colorado for her Ph.D. where she specialized in flow assurance. She has briefly worked for AspenTech as a Consultant Engineer.

She currently resides in Golden, Colorado, where she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing on the weekends. Apart from all the lovely activities Colorado offers, she enjoys running long distances and cooking. 

According to Prithvi, if you are seeqing killer Indian food, you know whom to ask!