Misha Boehm
Misha Boehm
Senior Analytics Scientist

A scientist and “idea explorer” by temperament, Misha had her first laboratory internship at 15 and was quite disappointed when the “new species” of deep-sea angler fish turned out to be a diseased mutant instead. Abandoning marine animals and their relatively low r2 values forever, she went on to become an atmospheric chemist, studying particle transport and cloud chemistry at Colorado State U. (M.S., Ph.D., National Science Foundation EAPSI Fellow), the Hong Kong U. of Sci. and Tech., and Carnegie Mellon U. 

Involved in field work spanning remote alpine locations, S. Korea, Hong Kong, and China, she also developed novel data analysis approaches and instrument prototypes and coordinated machining, programming, and scientific teams to deploy new instrumentation. In all her work, she seeks to understand analytical systems from a first-principles perspective and render the system “as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Misha has also studied STEM communication extensively and delights in reenvisioning learning systems to be as engaging and straightforward as possible, receiving a Faculty of the Year 2017 award for her undergrad science courses; she has also developed training courses for advanced instrumentation. 

Above all, Misha enjoys using creative data analysis and engineering approaches to solve real-world problems. She is thrilled to be part of Seeq, where she strives to help customers find their unique data-based solutions and make Seeq’s tools easier to learn and use. 

Misha is a dedicated rock climber, “contemplative” (i.e., slow) trail runner, and comic-book devotee. She lives tucked into the foot of Mt. Massive in the Colorado Rockies with her husband and two dogs, Remy and Scrap.