Marius Oancea
Marius Oancea
Principal Software Engineer

Marius enjoys to be part of a great team that values quality more than anything else.

In the past 20 years he actively participated in design and development of large enterprise level JEE applications used by top companies all over the world. His passion is to put all his efforts in building ultra-flexible solutions and always deliver more than the customer expected.

For 9 years, Marius was teacher at “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu where he taught his students the Lisp programming language and the secrets of OOP Design Patterns. During his activity at the university he was member of a research group that studied novel ways to improve the branch prediction accuracy in MII processors. In the spare time Marius is creating his own home automation projects for fun.

When not coding or soldering components, he likes to spend quality time with his wife and his two sons either at their home in Sibiu or hiking into the mountains. He also likes grilling, wine making, watching good movies and reading.