Joseph DiSantis
Joseph DiSantis
Senior Analytics Engineer

Joseph absolutely loves applying innovative data-driven solutions to industrial-sized problems.

He was born and raised in Chicago, where he developed a love for all things science. He studied Geology at the University of Illinois (Chicago campus) before moving to San Antonio to start a life together with his wife. He began working in the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering laboratory at Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), where he was able to unleash his passion for scientific R&D.

That experience led him to Marathon Oil Company, where he helped develop an innovative new natural gas-processing technology that produced longer chain gasoline-diesel range hydrocarbons. He found this experience scaling up the chemistry from the lab to a demonstration plant, training operations personnel, and managing the instrumentation & control systems absolutely invaluable to his career.

Once he was bitten by the technology development bug, Joseph never looked back and went on to leverage his inventive spirit by designing and patenting new technologies. He holds three United States patents related to autonomous drilling rig control systems, polycrystalline diamond compact drill bit cutting elements, and an electromagnetic induction generator for subterranean power generation. He then championed Data Science at Marathon Oil Company, defined analytical workflows, and built up core competencies around analytics utilizing machine learning.

Recently, Joseph began leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit and started a company to operate his artificial intelligence based algorithmic trading platform, which is fully autonomous and tricked out with state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology.

You can find him gardening, cooking, and looking for cool bugs in the woods with his kids on most days.