Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy
Software Support Engineer

Jim is energized by solving unique and novel problems that unlock value for customers.

Following college, Jim served as a PATRIOT missile officer in the U.S. Army in Germany where he had a front-row seat for the fall of the Berlin Wall. This led to a position as a systems integrator with Raytheon and ultimately to a Master of Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon.

Over time, Jim’s work as a software developer and program manager brought him into the emerging data storage industry. Notable among these was his time at Equallogic when Dell purchased the start-up for $1.4B. Jim found himself drawn to the role of solving complex issues and being the Voice of the Customer as the scope and reach of their products expanded globally as a result of the acquisition.

After working at several other start-ups, Jim most recently worked at Datanomix developing analytics products for specialized industries. While working with a client that was supplying solid state lasers for the iPhone’s facial recognition capabilities, Jim came face-to-face (pun intended) with the true impact that analytics can have on the bottom line of a customer’s business. 

Outside of work, Jim has broadcast the Indy 500 on radio, set an NAA record for flying a plane to all 96 airports in the state of Oregon in 36 hours, served on the Executive Board of the United States Olympic Luge team, and has moderated debates of over 1,000 angry voters in a gymnasium.

Currently Jim enjoys racing his bicycle in the sport of cyclocross and sliding his sled downhill at 70 mph in luge races.  Jim lives in southern New Hampshire with his girlfriend (who also races bikes and slides luge) and her son, where he has recently discovered the joys of parenting a college-bound teenager.