Drake Carmichael
Drake Carmichael
Analytics Engineer

Before joining Seeq, Drake spent his time utilizing statistical processes and machine learning to implement solutions within the Oil & Gas industry.

Drake graduated early from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Actuarial Science and a German minor. Before returning home to Dallas he spent a few months working on a Startup that provided a SaaS platform geared toward the music industry, which opened his eyes to the world of Data Science and its increasing importance in today's evolving business environment.

Upon returning to Dallas he started out as a Data Analyst in the Finance department at EnLink Midstream. A Data Scientist role was created and Drake was quickly transferred to Engineering, specifically the Asset Optimization team. Drake primarily focused on anomaly detection, optimization problems and time series forecasting. After consistently running into issues associated with time series data analysis, Drake discovered Seeq and suggested it to his superiors. After a few meetings they decided to move forward with the software. Drake quickly became the internal subject matter expert for all things regarding Seeq.

After a downturn in the Oil & Gas Industry Drake took some time off to focus on his music career, throwing events and performing around the DFW metroplex in addition to playing at music festivals along the West Coast. Upon deciding to jump back into the workforce, Seeq was the one and only company he contacted due to his firm belief in their product, endless applications and capabilities.

Drake looks forward to assisting other companies in the Energy sector in addition to expanding Seeq's Machine Learning capabilities through cross team collaboration.