Cole Christian
Cole Christian
Software Development Intern

Cole is enthusiastic about developing products that make tasks simpler and more efficient for consumers. 

He is a student at Portland State University in Portland OR pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science and business administration with an intended graduation date in Spring 2020. He is very interested in web app development on both the frontend and backend with a special interest in single-page web application technologies.

Cole’s previous software engineering experience includes a 6-month internship at the cybersecurity company McAfee where he worked on the ePO enterprise product team. While there, his tasks involved user-interface test automation with Selenium and web development enhancements to an internal management portal built on the .NET framework amongst many others.

Outside of work, he likes to spend his time traveling and learning about different cultures. He is also an avid sportsman, so you can find him on the mountain snowboarding or snowmobiling during the winter and on the river skiing in the summer.