Attila Mravik
Attila Mravik
Principal Software Engineer

Attila is driven to create simple and elegant software solutions to complex problems.

In the past two decades, Attila worked in a variety of environments from small scale startups to multinational enterprises. His experience ranges from starting green field projects to replacing and retiring aged legacy systems, from working solo to leading cross-functional teams. Few of his interest areas are data visualization and system design. Attila is a polyglot programmer who likes to learn new programming languages and different approaches to problems. He believes that learning multiple paradigms and languages will make you a better developer overall. Attila is not just a lifelong learner but also enjoys mentoring others to help them improve themselves.

Attila spent the past few years at Prezi, pushing the boundaries of browser-based application development. Started to work on Canvas2D and WebGL based rendering engine eventually leading that team. He is always looking for new challenges and tried himself as Engineering Manager and later as Product Owner working with teams on critical infrastructure for the cloud-based product offering. In his last year at Prezi he went back to hands on software development and worked on the C++ rendering engine that runs on all platforms (desktop, mobile and browser) to provide a consistent rendering experience for Prezi users.

Attila lives in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary with his wife and son. His hobbies are games and learning about game design to utilize those techniques in creating delightful user experiences.