Corinne Ilvedson
Corinne Ilvedson
Principal Software Engineer

Corinne plays around with Java and graph databases, and thinks she has the best job ever.

Corinne graduated from MIT with a BS and MS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. After college, she worked for The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory where she designed and developed hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations that were instrumental in the development of the guidance navigation and control systems for autonomous air and space vehicles.

Her HIL simulation facility was integral to the success of the first gun-launched precision guided munition to successfully fly over 50 nautical miles in less than 3 minutes and autonomously guide to its designated target.

After several years at Draper, Corinne joined the small startup Insitu in Bingen, Washington to lead the simulation development for their ScanEagle and Integrator UAVs. While at Insitu, the company grew to be one of the top producers of small robotic aircraft and was eventually purchased by Boeing.

At Seeq, Corinne is a member of the development team. While she still loves aerospace, she is excited to enter a new domain where success does not involve the FAA.

Corinne lives with her husband on a hobby tree farm in southern Washington where she grows 50 acres of timber and 2 children.