Karen Webster
Karen Webster
Analytics Engineer

Karen is passionate about empowering process engineers to bridge the big data gap with Seeq.

Karen graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. After college, she started as a process engineer with Valero refining in California, where she confirmed that she had made the right choice for her career. She loves optimizing process systems, working with diverse teams in the plant and growing profits!

After some great years at the refinery, Karen got the bug to return to the mountains where she is from. At NREL in Colorado, she enjoyed exploring the detailed technical, financial, and business implications of advanced transportation fuels. From there she made a connection with a local startup called Gevo where she was happy to be back in the field, leading the commissioning and optimization of new fuel and chemical processes.

With her background in energy and water, Karen was later recruited by Newalta Corporation to work on waste and water treatment efforts in U.S. and Canadian oil fields.

At Seeq Karen is a member of the Analytics Engineering team. While she occasionally misses being in the process plant, she is excited to be working on a product she knows will enhance process insights and profitability in that arena.

Karen lives with her husband and their yellow lab in a big old house in Colorado.