Jason Rust
Jason Rust
Principal Software Engineer

Jason gets jazzed when he’s working with a great team to create beautiful solutions to hard problems.

Jason began programming when he was tasked with building a timecard for his college 16 years ago. He left for spring break with a thousand page book on Perl and found couldn't put it down – it was just too much fun. Over the years he ran his own consulting firm specializing in Drupal eCommerce, developed a large-scale data-intensive application for the Federal Election Commission, worked on a large Rails application in the EdTech sector, and created several frontend interfaces using AngularJS, React, and Flux.

Along his journey he's been lucky to work with great teams in both small, large, local, and remote companies. These teams have instilled in him an appreciation for the joy of collaborative problem solving, the need for big ideas, but small egos, and a belief that a diversity of ideas and perspectives make for a better team and a better product.

When not coding, Jason is living it up with his wife and two boys in the best place on earth: Seattle. Because once you’re up in the mountains and under the trees the rain is barely noticeable.