Birgit Martinelle
Birgit Martinelle
Principal Software Engineer

Birgit is passionate about writing great code, cooking excellent food, and sewing.

Over the last ten years Birgit has applied her curiosity to create successful Front-and Backend solutions for a variety of different industries. While at Maven Networks (later acquired by Yahoo) Birgit was a member of the Professional Services Team where she helped customers like Fox Business, CBC Canada, and Sony Music develop their online video and ad support strategies.

At Panvidea Birgit deepened her knowledge of video by contributing to a SaaS video transcoding platform. At Knowledge Vision, as the sole Java Developer, Birgit architected, implemented, and deployed the entire API suite to support Knowledge Vision’s desktop application as well as

Before joining Seeq as a full-stack developer she was in charge of Activate Networks’ Patient Flow application.

While Birgit was born and raised in Austria she now lives just North of Boston with 1 husband, 2 girls, 2 cats and 1 dog.