Seeq is powered by AWS Cloud, offers extensive support for AWS data services, and is available on AWS Marketplace

Seeq serves AWS customers in process manufacturing industries including oil & gas, utilities, pharmaceutical, and power generation, and we continue to build support for key Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments such as remote asset monitoring and edge computing. Specific examples of integration include:

  • Seeq Server runs on AWS cloud either in a customer’s AWS cloud environment or as a managed Saas service. Seeq is an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Advanced Tier partner and has passed AWS requirements for software that meets the “well-architected for AWS” standard.
  • Seeq can access time series and relational data stored in AWS data services including AWS Redshift, Dynamo DB, S3, and Athena. Seeq also supports real-time IoT data from AWS IoT Sitewise and AWS Kinesis.
  • Seeq is available for purchase on AWS Marketplace.
  • Data scientists can use Seeq tools to access time series data that has been cleansed, contextualized and gridded in Seeq to create machine learning models in AWS SageMarker. Those models can then be accessed in Seeq by engineers enabling new opportunities for collaboration between data scientists and subject matter experts in engineering.

We are proud to have Seeq join our elite pool of AWS Partner Network Technology partners for our Industrial Software segment. Seeq supports advanced AWS services, such as Redshift and Dynamo DB, enabling our joint customers to find new insights with advanced analytics on process data.

- Dr. Josef Waltl, Global Segment Lead for Industrial Software at Amazon Web Services