We welcome partnership opportunities. 

A strong partner ecosystem is critical to address your requirements for data access, consulting services, and Seeq expertise. This begins with providing access to the manufacturing, business, and historian data sets that are the starting point of your investigation and analytics.

Seeq currently supports historian and data access to products from the following vendors. Please contact us for recent updates on data connectors as the list is growing rapidly. In addition, Seeq has partner relationships with many leading automation vendors.

System Integrators 

We welcome interest from systems integrators that serve manufacturing customers and can span the gap between Seeq products to customer success. Whether as a consultant on production strategy and best practices, a systems integrator, or VAR (Value Added Reseller), Seeq offers a compelling value proposition for our channel partners to assist customers with Seeq installation, training, and consulting. 

Vertical Market Application Developers 

Seeq’s REST API - and SDKs for Java, Python, C#, and MatLab - enables access to all Seeq functionality. This makes Seeq an ideal platform for creating vertical industry-specific templates and applications. Examples of custom solutions include proprietary algorithms, vertical solutions like Schneider Electric EcoStruxture Profit Advisor, and templates for managing production investigations.

Industrial Automation Vendors and OEMs 

Vendors transitioning to a “hardware and service” offering – for example, selling monitoring services for equipment in the field – are using Seeq to enable monitoring and predictive analytics. If you are a hardware vendor and interested in this “servicization” opportunity, please contact Seeq for more information on setting up an on-premise or cloud-hosted operations center.


We're excited to see Seeq support for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This integration will enable engineers to find valuable insights in industrial plants and IIoT deployments.

– Kim Akers, Corporate Vice President, Partner Organization at Microsoft Corporation 

The opportunity for analytics in industrial plants is promising.
We're excited to work with Seeq as an early user of their technology, and in proving out the results.

– Peter Zornio, Chief Strategic Officer for Emerson Process Management

The opportunity for the next generation of analytics software to drive improvement in industrial plants is promising; in fact it’s most of the opportunity for improved results. We're excited to partner with Seeq in developing Profit Advisor, and expect our initial deliverable to be the first of many.

– Chris Lyden, Senior Vice President at Schneider Electric 

We are very happy to have Seeq’s support for the Ignition platform, which we describe as The New SCADA because it redefines SCADA technology and licensing.

Many attendees at our annual Ignition Community Conference were very pleased with the flexibility and productivity offered by Seeq.

– Don Pearson, Chief Strategy Officer for Inductive Automation

Honeywell’s deep domain knowledge and capabilities in process optimization, data consolidation, storage and asset monitoring combined with Seeq’s technology enable customers to investigate and solve previously unsolvable problems.

– Shree Dandekar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell Connected Plant

As customers store and manage increasing volumes of data in the OSIsoft® PI System® they need faster, smarter ways to leverage that data to improve operations.

The partnership with Seeq will facilitate the ability of our shared customers to rapidly gain insights that drive improvements in yield, quality, and margins within process manufacturing organizations.

– Tim Johnson, Director, Partners and Strategic Alliances with OSIsoft 


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