There Is Now Overwhelming Evidence That Diverse Teams Are More Successful

Written by Tabitha Colie on August 05, 2020

Remote work is on the rise, in part due to the critical impetus of COVID-19 that has caused many employers to implement new work-from-home policies. And while this has nothing to do with why Seeq was formed as a remote-first company, it has given us hope that more organizations will experience the many benefits of working remotely, including higher productivity, increased job satisfaction, lower attrition, and opportunities to build more diverse teams.

Remote Work Supports Diversity

There is now overwhelming evidence that diverse teams are more successful. But in tech, which has long struggled to improve demographics on dimensions such as gender and race, progress has been slow. And while these are both key metrics to work on, we can often overlook aspects such as sexual orientation, ability (both physical and neuroatypical), personality (introvert/extrovert), age, and even religion. By allowing remote work, companies can improve the diversity of their teams across all of these dimensions.

Supporting All Employees

For example, the geographic location independence enabled by our remote-first structure has allowed us to recruit globally, thus providing different cultural perspectives within the company. This independence allows people who are otherwise happy in their current locations to avoid having to move to regions where they might be less at ease because they are in the minority population or less able to enjoy work-life balance because they are isolated from their families, communities, or faith-based networks.

The ability to work from a custom home office setup greatly benefits productive employees for whom a commute into an office is made difficult or impossible because of physical disability. And for people with neurodiversities such as Autism or ADHD, which may make working standard 9-5 hours a challenge, remote work affords them the opportunity to contribute at high levels with more flexibility to control their work environments and schedules.

Remote Work at Seeq

Seeq is actively working to balance the diversity of our team. We know that by offering remote work we are able to attract hundreds of applicants to each position, which enhances our ability to find qualified candidates with a wide variety of attributes and backgrounds. We also know that our recruiting and hiring practices are critical to that mission. The work we do in our Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Culture, and Interview Guilds addresses hidden biases in our hiring and interactions so that we can build the best, most diverse team that we can. Our fully remote work environment enables this on all levels.

Shortly after this blog post was written, Forbes published some similar thoughts. This is great because it helps advance the idea we have had all along: that the case for remote work presents an opportunity to build a more diverse team and realize more benefits than drawbacks for companies, teams, and communities.